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on homeschooling :: literature - month 1

One of the many things that I'm loving about classical education is its focus on reading great pieces of literature.
As I said in my post on curriculum, the writing program that we are using takes its assignments from pieces of literature, so I've decided to add in the actual reading of the whole piece, instead of just the fragmented parts we get in the daily assignments.
Also, the history curriculum we have chosen, Story of the World, includes recommendations for literature that is about the specific time period or geographic location.
So we have been checking out as many of those books from the library as we can.
Audrey also gets to do as much free reading as she wants everyday, as long as she's got a chapter book thrown in the mix somewhere.
For every school based book that she reads (and every free read chapter book), she writes a notebook page. This just consists of a little drawing and a few sentences about something in the book, thus preparing her for book reports in her older grades.
We also have a 'chapter book bookworm' going, where we document every chapter book she has read (school or free reads) and for every 5th book read she gets a small prize.

My plan is do a post at the end of every month outlining the books for school she has read during that month.

During the month of August we have read ::

Egyptian Myths

The Shipwrecked Sailor : An Egyptian Tale with Hieroglyphs

The Golden Sandal : A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story

The Three Princes : A Tale from the Middle East

Misty of Chincoteague

 My Shadow

On top of the literature books we also utilize the library for more "learning" type books for both history and science. :)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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