Tuesday, September 3

halloween costumes.

One of my absolute favorite catalogs to get in the mail every year is Wishcraft by Chasing Fireflies.
This catalog is FILLED with costumes for kiddos.
And let me tell you, some of them can be quite elaborate.

I just got my catalog in the mail today and it's getting me super excited about the upcoming fall season and HALLOWEEN!!

While I love to peruse Wishcraft and dream about costuming my littles in these elaborate creations, 
most of the larger costume pieces are a bit out of my budget.
But I still love to flip through the pages and get ideas.

This year, like last, the kids will probably wear some kind of "themed" costumes.
This was from Halloween last year ::

That would Dorothy and the (not so) Cowardly Lion.
Audrey wanted to be Dorothy, so I coordinated Lawson's costume to go with hers. 
Sidenote :: those damn red glitter shoes still fit her, almost a year later, and she still wants to wear them everywhere, even though they are super scuffed and gross looking. Grow feet, grow!

This year will probably be similar to last.
Lawson doesn't really have an opinion on costuming yet, so Audrey will most likely decide what she wants to be and then I'll make Lawson match her.

Some of the many Wishcraft costumes that have caught my eye this year are ::
Marie Antoinette, anyone?!

This sprinkle donut costume is WAY too cute!

LOVE this Red Riding Hood costume.
Maybe Lawson as a wolf?

The detail on this Fortune Teller costume is amazing!

Hello! What a cute way to display some chubby toddler cheeks.

Anything related to Harry Potter will always be a win in my book.

How adorable would Lawson be as a T-Bird?!
Slick hair and dimples for days...
This would also be super cute as a combo costume with Audrey.
Put her in a 50s poodle skirt or a Pink Ladies jacket.

Do you have anything you're leaning toward costume-wise (for your child or yourself)?
Is Halloween even on your mind yet?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.



    I am going to be horrible to my children when I eventually have them, haha!

  2. Ha! Audrey is leaning towards being a fairy, so I think a gnome will fit right in!!


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