Monday, September 2

on homeschooling :: my dream homeschool room

In looking at different homeschool blogs, a running theme that I have come across is having a dedicated homeschooling space.
Now, living in an apartment, this isn't really a possibility for us at this point.
Right now Audrey does most of her work in the dining room or on the couch.
As the years pass, if we decide to keep on homeschooling, and as our home grows, I hope to be able to eventually have the space to dedicate to school.
For now, I dream. ;)

First off, I have a thing for globes.
I would love to have them lining the tops of my kitchen cabinets,
but this is also a super sweet way to add them to a school room.
And adding in the bright colored file cabinets is icing on the cake.
The cabinets would be a perfect place to, you know, file stuff.

Another addition that would be pretty cool in a school room is a reading corner or nook.
A bright and colorful teepee, loaded up with comfy pillows and blankets, seems like it would be the most perfect and inviting space for little bookworms.

An element that I'm coming to adore, whether it be in a school room or a kids' bedroom, is a wall map.
I've seen so many that I love.
From old school classroom ones that you can pull down over a chalkboard to smaller poster versions.
I think this one is super fun.
You could really get as creative as you want with the colors and patterns.

I love, love, love this fold down wall desk.
I went to a private school once that had these lining the walls for us students.
Of course, they were painted an ugly ivory color and had big ol' dividers to make them into cubicles, but it's the same general concept.
Easy to customize each desk to each child, and make it "theirs" and also easy to fold up to make space and hide clutter.

How cool are these hanging globes?! 
Such a simple and inexpensive way to bring the world into your schoolroom. 
Yes, that was super cheesy, but whatevs.
I might need to head over to Oriental Trading and purchase some inflatable globes just for this!!

I absolutely adore the following model of a dining room turned schoolroom. 
The soft, cool colors and lack of clutter make it an ideal learning environment.
Click on the source link to view more pictures, including some of her lovely wall map from Ikea.

These are just a few of the examples that I have come across.
I love scouring Pinterest for creatives ideas for storage or decorating for school!
Hmmm....might be time to create a new board. ;)

Do you homeschool?
If so, do have a specific room for school?
Or do you spread yourself around your abode?
I'd love to hear or see some of your ideas!!
As I get more and more into this homeschooling thing, I'll share more of what we're doing space and organization-wise.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. Adorable ideas! I like globes used as home decor in general, though. :)

  2. Me too! When did globes become so cool?! Who am I kidding? I've always loved them. ;)


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