Tuesday, December 10

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Again, another 'better late than never' post.
As you will be able to tell by the amount of books read, November was a bit of a slower school month for us. 
I think that we were both needing to scale back a little, for a time.
So I made sure that all of the basics were kept up with, but all of the extras were kept to a minimum.
With the start of December came a renewed vigor and an excitement (at least in myself) to add more in.

Anyway, on to our literature list for the month.

The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor

Audrey also read through her first Harry Potter book in November!!

This was her first "big" novel, and it was so exciting to see her so interested in it.
After she read through the book we had a movie night and made butterbeer to drink while we watched the first film.
I loved hearing her ask all kinds of questions about the differences she noticed between the book and film adaptations.
She also made notice of the issue that any reader of books turned into movies has....
reconciling the characters in her head to the ones on the screen.
I guess several of the faces from the movies didn't fit what she had imagined while reading the book. ;)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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