Monday, January 13


A couple of cute stories for you today....

As we were walking to the car this morning the wind was blowing super hard.
Lawson starts shrieking, "MY HAIR!! IT'S BLOWING AWAY!", to which I replied, "Then you better catch it!". So, for the remainder of the walk to the car Lawson kept his hands on his head, trying to hold onto his hair. :)

A little while later, we were in the car on the way to work, and Lawson was playing with his Captain Hook doll. As he was playing he kept calling Captain Hook "her". Of course, this prompted Audrey and I to try and explain that there are boys and there are girls. In part of my explanation, I told him that Daddy and Lawson are boys and Audrey and Mommy are girls. 
If you know Lawson, then you know that he is a major mama's boy and doesn't like to be separated from me, especially if Audrey is with me instead of him.
His reply was, "NOOO!! Mommy and Lawsy!!".

Love this kid!

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