Monday, February 17

hello monday.

Hello to one of my favorite days of the week.
Yes, really. After a pretty full workday on Sunday,
Monday is my day to get things back in order.
Our home always seems to need a good once over,
and we get a nice, full day of school in.
There always seems to be a good vibe going around here on Mondays.

Hello to a little post-Valentine get together with a friend.
Due to Lawson having a bout of sickness earlier last week, 
we had to postpone until today, 
but seeing how Audrey's little friendship tank gets filled up 
when she gets to spend time with her little friend, Bella (who is also homeschooled),
it's totally worth celebrating a few days laste.

Hello to seeing a super cheeseball movie.
A friend and I are going to see Vampire Academy tonight.
And while the movie looks AWFUL,
I loved the books and will see any movie adaptation of a YA book.

Hello to some spring-like weather.
After having multiple "ice" days over the last few weeks,
we are currently experiencing highs in the 70s.
There's something about the beginning of spring weather 
that just energizes me.
I want to clean, start some new routines, get outside, etc.
And I've had my back door open all morning.
It's divine!

Hello to some more simple changes taking place in my day to day life.
After deciding that my theme for the year is 'SIMPLIFY',
I've been making little changes here and there to make my life run more smoothly.
It's really amazing how some really simple things can make a world of difference.
And, of course, hello to you!!


  1. That illustration (?) is awesome. Hello to you, lady! <3

  2. Mandy - Isn't it, though?! I found it on Pinterest and it gave me a stinky link. :(


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