Tuesday, March 4

on homeschooling :: literature :: month 7

During this last month of homeschooling we finished up our study of ancient Greece, 
and moved on to the story of Alexander the Great.
From there we dove briefly into the ancient Americas,
and starting this week we'll be looking at ancient Rome.

Audrey really enjoyed all of the myths involved in ancient Greek culture,
and was specifically intrigued by all of the gods and goddesses.
I love that she's loving history so much and am so thankful for finding this wonderful curriculum.

She also read The Borrowers to go alongside her writing curriculum.
Such a fun, classic book!

I really believe that a rich education begins with reading.
Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, a literature based education gives you so much knowledge and creativity, 
and I love to see Audrey grow from month to month.
She's even started writing and illustrating her own little books!!
Some are works of fiction that she comes up with spontaneously on her own,
and some she comes up with based on literature she's been assigned in school.
It's so much fun to see her so excited to be putting together her own books!

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