Tuesday, February 4

on homeschooling :: literature :: month 6

Whoa baby!
In two days we will celebrate our 6 month anniversary of being homeschoolers!
And I'm thinking about a post specifically highlighting these last 6 months.
But, for now, here is our literature list from January.

This past month we've been going through Ancient Greece and Persia in history.
It's definitely been my favorite month so far and I'm pretty sure that Audrey concurs with me.
Over the next few weeks we'll finish up in Ancient Greece by studying the Greek Gods (!!!!).
And then we'll be moving on to a study of Alexander the Great.
As you can see from this post, Audrey hasn't read the third Harry Potter book yet,
mainly because I'm trying to hold her off a bit, since the content gets quite a bit scarier.
She has shown some interest in The Chronicles of Narnia, so I think she might head in that direction for awhile. :) 

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