Tuesday, January 28


Currently Lawson is obsessed with smells, 
mainly those he deems as bad.
A few months back I was cooking Brussels sprouts (yum!) and he came running out of the bedroom with his hands over his nose and mouth, proclaiming quite loudly that, "I don't like it!".
Needless to say, he wouldn't even taste one of those little cabbages. 

Yesterday he had the same type of reaction to Bryan grilling chicken breasts on the stove.
And then, on the way to work last night, I stopped by Burger King to pick the kids up some nuggets and fries.
Initially he was super excited, as "chi-tin nuddets and fench fies" are one of his favorite meal combos,
but as soon as the bag of food came in through the window, wouldn't you know that his little hands popped up over his nose, and cries of, "It smells! I don't like! I don't like chi-tin nuddets and fench fies!", filled the car.
Weirdo. ;)

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