Wednesday, July 27

the boob tube - modern family

After the birth of Baby L, the hubs and I were trying to decide on a tv show to watch during those long bouts of sitting on the couch with a newborn. The winner turned out to be Modern Family.

We have both heard about this show in the past (nothing but good things), but had yet to give it a go ourselves. Hulu Plus has the entire second season available for instant streaming right now, so that is where we started.

Within about 4 days we were completely finished with the second season. That is just how much we adored this show. Not an episode passed where we were not cracking up, several times. This show is totally quotable, re-watchable, and there are so many things that happen that remind me of my family or others that I know.

After we hurried through the second season, the hubs bought a digital copy of the first season for us to watch. We tried to pace ourselves through that season, but we were again done in less than a week. Now we are just anxiously awaiting September and the beginning of the third season.

One of my favorite characters is Phil Dunphy. He is the dad in the more "traditional" (i.e. father, mother, and three kids) family of the three families showcased.
Here is one of my all time favorite clips from Modern Family. It, of course, features Phil.

And then there is this one where Claire is stuck in the bathroom after an earthquake. This episode was HILARIOUS!!

And, of course, who could forget Mitchell surprising Cam by dancing in a flash mob?!

So, if you haven't given Modern Family a go, I most definitely suggest you do. You won't be sorry!

For those of you who are already Modern Family fans, what are some of your favorite moments from the show?


  1. Probably my favorite episode ever is "Fizbo," where Luke has the craziest birthday ever, and Cam is absolutely hilarious. That also has one of Ken's all time favorite lines in it.

    For the record, I am married to Phil Dunphy. And Ken says he's married to Claire Dunphy. So, I guess it's a good thing you enjoy the two of them. ha.

    P.S. I am also quite certain that Bella's going to turn out like Alex Dunphy, so I guess I should start preparing now. haha.

  2. LOVE that episode!! The way that Cam screams when the scorpion gets loose cracks me up!
    What is the line that Ken likes?

    It's funny you say that Ken is Phil, because both my sister in law and I say that B reminds us of Phil. From some physical similarities to his sense of humor to his love for his iPad. :)
    I'm not quite Claire, but we'll see what the next 10 years with these kiddos does to me.
    And as much as I would love for Audrey to turn into a little Alex, I have a feeling that she will have a bit of a Hayley streak in her. ;)

  3. What did it for me (with saying K is Phil) was the episode where he was "fixing" Jay's printer and it took him like 12 hours because he went so far as to reinstall the drivers and such. Perhaps a little toooo thorough. haha. That's K all over the place.

    Ken's favorite line is from Phil's interview when he is discussing his fear of clowns and mentions, deadpan and with a smile, that he found a dead one in the woods when he was a kid. lol. I know, don't ask. ;)

  4. Hahaha. Yep, those "technical" men!

    I watched that episode just to hear that line again. Hilarious!


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