Wednesday, August 3

random eight

1. When I first got pregnant with A, I developed an aversion to spaghetti that lasted for almost 3 years. Now we eat spaghetti AT LEAST once a week.

2. The hubs and I got married after dating for less than 8 months (less than 2 weeks after I turned 20). We are now going on 8 years of marriage.

3. I do not like dark meat chicken, UNLESS it is a fried chicken drumstick.

4. My favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz.

5. My parents once figured out that by the time I turned 18, we had moved upwards of 15 times (most of it in the same city). How many times have they moved since then? Zero.

6. Pregnancy amnesia is real. Even though I was super sick and uncomfortable while I was pregnant this last time, within a week of Baby L being born I missed being pregnant.

7. My favorite superhero is Dr. Jean Grey/Phoenix.

8. And, speaking of the X-Men, Baby L was *almost* named Logan, after Wolverine, who is the hubs favorite superhero of all time.


  1. Jean Gray is my favorite, too. That happens to be my car's name, and my Kindle is named Rogue, and Wolvering is BAD ASS.

    Short version: I suppose I have a real affinity for the Xmen. ;)

  2. Jen,
    The only reason Jean is your favorite is because you haven't seen Psylocke yet. She's much cooler than Jean. And Jean sucked in the early comics. Very weak. But then again they all were. Now Jean as Phoenix is definitely cooler than regular Jean.

    Btw I love the Jim Lee drawn picture of Wolverine you posted. He also drew that picture of Jean. My all time favorite comic artist.

    I'm sure glad you like spaghetti again.


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