Wednesday, August 10

design on a dime - makeup brush holder

Today as I was putting on my makeup, I noticed that my makeup brushes needed a good washing. So, after doing just that, I decided that I didn't want to just put them back in the little organizational drawer with the rest of my makeup.
Hmmm....what to do? What to do?

I looked in my handy dandy craft cabinet and grabbed 4 little items to make myself a fun little makeup brush holder.

1. empty (and washed) food can
2. scrapbook paper
3. school glue
4. glass beads

Unfortunately, I didn't take step by step pictures (bad Jen), so you'll just have to do with instructions and a picture of the final product.

Step 1 - measure the length of the can and cut a strip of scrapbook paper the same width (I did this with the hubs' lovely paper cutter).

Step 2 - glue your paper on the can. I just put a wide strip of glue directly on the can and glued one end of the paper on, then wrapped the paper around and glued the other end down.

Step 3 - fill your can with glass beads and then fill with brushes!!


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