Wednesday, August 10

me, a-z

(a)ge - 27 years young (but that will change in less than 2 months).

(b)ed size - Queen. It's from Ikea and it's SUPER comfy!

(c)hore you dislike - Dishes!! YUCK!!

(d)ogs - None right now. But ever since I was a kid I've wanted a female Golden Retriever named Sadie.

(e)ssential start to your day - Iced tea or Dr. Pepper. Give me caffeine!!

(f)avorite color - Turquoise.

(g)old or silver - Generally silver, but gold is starting to grow on me.

(h)eight - 5'3 3/4". Yes, I claim that 3/4 of an inch.

(i)nstruments you play(ed) - Used to play piano. I WILL pick it up again one day.

(j)ob title - Currently, Mommy.

(k)ids - 2 cuties. Audrey is 5 year old (going on 15) and Lawson is 10 weeks old.

(l)ive - Central Texas. IT IS HOT!!!

(m)om's name - Charlotte.

(n)icknames - Jen, Jenny, J, JJ, etc.

(o)vernight hospital stays - Twice. When each of my kiddos were born.

(p)et peeves - My main one is when people use the word, irregardless. Also, text speak.

(q)uote from a movie - "I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly. Mm, mm, mm."

(r)ighty or lefty - Mainly right, but I'm pretty ambidextrous.

(s)iblings - 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother.

(t)ime you wake up - Which time? Normally between 6 and 8, although that will change in the coming weeks, when A starts Kindergarten.

(u)nderwear - Ummm, yes please?

(v)egetables you don't like - Beets and spinach from a can. BLECH!!

(w)hat makes you run late - My kids and the hubs. Plain and simple.

(x)rays you've had - Dental, arm and foot.

(y)ummy food you make - I'm a pretty decent cook, but a few family favorites are spaghetti, chicken fried steak, arroz con pollo and cupcakes.

(z)oo animal favorites - Hmmmm....giraffes and hippos.

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