Monday, August 8

the face rubbers....

....this is what I have nicknamed my 3 loves.

It all started with the hubs. We can be sitting next to each other, lying next to each other or standing next to each other and he will rub his face on my arm or shoulder.

I then realized awhile back that A did the same thing. Only to me.

And now, at barely 2 months old, Baby L does the same thing if I'm holding him with his head on my chest.

It is so funny to me, but both the hubs and A swear up and down that it feels good and brings them comfort in a way. Also, I've noticed that the face rubbing increases when they are tired. I guess I can understand. I'm an eye rubber. At any given moment (but normally when I'm tired) I can start rubbing my eyes. And I've been doing this ever since I can remember. It is one of the reasons that I dislike wearing eye makeup. Why wear it if it's either: a. going to be rubbed off OR b. going to get smeared and smudged?

Anyways, file that away under "quirks of the L family".

What are your "tired" quirks?


  1. From therubbing title I thought this post was about condoms for your face.

    Wow, I just realized I sullied a very sweet post. My bad.
    ; )

    It's sad that you get no comfort from rubbing your face against something. Not even a pillow?

  2. Bahahahaha!!! You know I like rubbing my eyes, but my whole face? No thanks! :)

  3. By the way, I love that the icon next to your name is Ralph Macchio. :)

  4. "therubbing" = "the"
    stupid phone keyboard.

    Actually it's Daniel Larusso.
    : )


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