Friday, August 5

yellow & gray

I often find myself thinking about how I would outfit my home, if money and space were no issue. Pinterest does nothing to help me get out of this daydream state.

One of my current obsessions is a yellow and gray bedroom. Now, these are two colors that I wouldn't have necessarily envisioned together myself, but after spending HOURS scouring the interwebz, I've come to find that this is quite the popular duo right now. And I too, have jumped on the yellow and gray decor train.

How pretty is this room?! I absolutely adore the rug. And I love the "sitting" area at the foot of the bed.

A lovely gray and yellow inspiration board.

Yellow nightstands? Yes, please! And that curtain behind (and over) the bed adds an incredible layer of texture and depth to the room.

Okay, maybe this is more for a nursery, but I love everything about it. From the colors, to the font, to the word placement, to the lyrics themselves. By the way, this song holds a special place in my heart, as it is the song that my own mom sang to me when I was little.

That chair is almost too pretty to sit on. Almost.

Now, no matter how much I love this, or any other, color combination, it will probably never happen in my house. I've come to realize that tying myself down to specific colors is WAY too limiting for my "living in" decor style. I like mismatched stuff. I don't want to tie myself down things of a certain color or design. I have WAY too many knick knacks and memorabilia-type things that I want to display. I like my home to look lived in.

But, that won't stop me from daydreaming.



  1. This combination is one of my absolute favorites, although Colt's not really a fan. I try to work it into the decor without being too obvious about it. ;)

  2. Hahaha. I pretty much have free reign around here as far as decor goes. Although, if B doesn't like something, he lets me know. :)


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