Friday, August 12


Tonight I went over to my good friend Ang's and watched the Foo Fighters' documentary
Back and Forth

Let me tell you, I heart the Foo Fighters, hard.
And Dave Grohl is a freakin' ROCK GOD!!

Back and Forth is a definite must see for any fan. It is two hours of highs and lows, happiness and sad points, laughter and family, amazing music and really just all out awesomeness.

Here's a little Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins goodie to brighten your day.

And another one.

The official music video for one of my faves.

And last, but certainly not least, the video for my absolute FAVORITE song of ALL TIME.


  1. You know that I basically agree with every single word of this post. haha.

    Thanks for coming to watch it with me, lady! <3

  2. You know, I like Foo Fighters as a band more than I like their music. They've got some good songs, and Everlong is my all time favorite song, but for every song I like they have like 8 songs I don't care for. However, they do put on a good show, and their last album was good.

  3. Ang - But of course!! :)

    Bryan - yeah, yeah, yeah. You know Dave Grohl is a ROCK GOD!! ;) At least we agree about Everlong. <3


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