Saturday, October 8

design on a dime :: a double diy post

Lately I've been feeling like my home needs a little sprucing up.
And seeing as we live in an apartment, with limited space and no painting allowed, and  finances are limited, there is only so much that I can do.
Time to get creative.

Using stuff I already had on hand, and less than five dollars, 
I came up with a couple of DIYs that changed two walls in my home. :)

The first thing I did was create a space for a very special painting that my sister-in-law did for us.
Previously, I just had this painting hanging on the wall, frameless, with thumbtacks. Yuck!
Although I had frames that didn't have anything in them, this painting was just a tad too big for them.
So, I took a frame that has housed a bridal portrait of mine for the last 8 years and spruced it up a bit.
I covered the original mat with a piece of fabric that I already had (the opening in the mat was too small for the painting); turned the frame sideways; fixed the painting onto the fabric.


A brand new piece of artwork for my hallway!!

I absolutely adore it.
And, yes. That is a black broom hanging on the other wall.
Stay tuned for a peek at my Halloween decor.

Now that I had this new piece of art hanging in the main hallway into the apartment, 
I needed something to fill the space that my bridal portrait previously hung in.

Enter some Pinterest inspiration.
I had seen this idea on Pinterest awhile back and was just itching for a moment when I could recreate it.

SO pretty!!!
I went and bought 4 embroidery hoops from my local Hobby Lobby, for about four dollars,
and, again, using fabric that I already had, I started my "hoop wall".

I LOVE the way this turned out!
I definitely plan on adding more hoops to this wall.

Not only is this project super inexpensive and easy peasy,
it looks awesome and you can add to it as time and finances allow.
Also, you can throw caution to the wind and add fabrics in as many 
different colors and patterns as you want.

Do you have any super simple DIYs that you have done or are wanting to try out?

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