Sunday, October 23

diy :: wall art

Remember this post from awhile back?
Well, I have FINALLY made some progress on my oh-so-sad piece of wall art.

Here are the deets....
The aqua frame came from my baby shower earlier this year.
We used it to take pictures with silly props.

The butterflies in the corners were made using a butterfly template found on the interwebz and scrapbook paper.
Just trace and cut, that's it.

The big mum was made using toilet paper rolls.
I cut them in even pieces, painted them with a pumpkin colored acrylic paint, and hot glued them together.
An easy, yet time consuming process.

And last, but not least, the fabric "l" was picked up last week during a birthday shopping trip to Anthropologie.

I'm thinking about possibly making the mum bigger, or moving the "l" over some, or putting something else up there to fill in some space.
Time will tell.

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