Sunday, January 1

artsy fartsy :: finger knit garland

A few weeks back, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Gussy Sews, and came across this post where she talked about doing some different crafts, including finger knitting.
In the post she also included a link to a finger knitting tutorial that she did at the beginning of 2011.
After seeing how super easy it is to finger knit, I thought I'd give it a go.
I had just bought a ball of charcoal colored yarn (for a different project), so the timing was perfect.
That first night I made two super long garlands.
I was hooked!!
This past weekend I was at Michael's and saw that they were having a great sale on yarn, so I scooped up a few more colors and yesterday I whipped up a couple more garlands.
And being that I just took down all of my holiday decor I had the PERFECT spot in mind for my new handcrafted garlands.
My mantle!!

I have to admit that I've caught myself admiring my fun new decor, multiple times.
I plan on doing a few more finger knit projects soon.
It really is addicting.

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