Sunday, January 8

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Another home craft project can now be checked off my list!
In a previous post I wrote about us deciding to renew our lease and the fact that I now had a bunch of projects that I want to do to jazz up our place.

Well, here is the latest one:


It's a little display crate for my salt and pepper shakers and various other knick knacks.
The idea originally came to me when not only had I run out of space for my (inadvertent) S&P shaker collection, but the space that I did have for them was getting on my nerves.
I used to have them lined up on the back of my stove top and I was constantly having to wash them because they were always getting the splatter from whatever was cooking on them. Yuck!

I have a small apartment kitchen with only one usable wall in the space, which previously housed a small dry erase board.
Going into this I knew that whatever I did would have to be extremely inexpensive, so of course I wanted to upcycle something I had on hand.
Enter a pair of old video/dvd/cd storage crates that I've had for well over 10 years.
Kid A is using one in her room for it's intended dvd storage purpose, but the other one was just sitting in her closet.
A few coats pf aqua craft paint and some scrapbook paper cut to size for the backing and VOILA!
Instant kitchen display!

Eventually I want to change the paint color and the paper backing to a scheme that I like better, but for using what I had on hand, I don't think this turned out too shabby!!




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    1. Thanks ma'am! I'm actually contemplating moving this one to the laundry/pantry room and replacing it with the unpainted one. Seeing all of the pics on Pinterest of unfinished pallets is now making me want something more "natural" in the kitchen. ;)


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