Thursday, July 19

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Here I am, closing in on my first MAJOR goal.
I have now lost 35lbs and am right at 10lbs away from my wedding weight!!
My goal is to ultimately be at that weight in time for my 9th anniversary at the end of October.
Oh yes! I *can* do it!

One thing I've realized as the numbers on the scale recede, is that my body has unfortunately reshaped itself.
And NOT in a good way.
Having two kiddos (by c-section) in the last 6 years seems to have ruined my tummy.
And things have just shifted.
I've got pouches and pooches and saggies where I've never had them before, even when I was heavier.
But, alas! It was well worth the body change to have those two stinkers!

So, I'll just need to work that much harder to get things tighter as the weight falls off. 
I'm planning on beginning to exercise sometime in the not too distant future.
I haven't started working out at this point because the weight has been coming off pretty steadily with just a diet change.
BUT, I'm not stupid and I know that eventually when I get to the point where I'm happy with my weight I will need to add in some form of exercise to help maintain as I add in a bit more to my daily calorie needs.
Plus, I don't just want to be thin(ner). I want to be fit.
And that isn't going to happen without the dreaded exercise.

So now I just have to decide what I'm going to do.
I've thought about a Couch 2 5 K program, although the thought honestly scares me, as the last time I tried that (4 years ago?) I sprained both of my knees in week 3. OUCH!
There's also the 30 Day Shred, which I did pretty regularly at the end of last year. 
Then there's normal gym stuff, like the elliptical or stationary bike.


Whatever it is, as a busy mama (who is just going to get busier this fall), it needs to be something that gives me bang for my buck.
Hmmm....lots to think about.

Until next week!


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