Wednesday, July 25

weigh down wednesday :: weighing in

This is an often debated issue.
One that I believe has no right or wrong answer.
It all comes to down to what works best for a particular person.

The issue I'm talking about is :: how often to weigh in.

I've personally done different things.
I've weighed myself once a week.
I've weighed myself daily.
And I've forgone weighing myself completely.

For me, weighing myself daily is not only best in keeping track of weight loss,
but it also helps immensely in keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Now I know that weight can fluctuate daily.
There are many factors that can lead to either a stalemate or even a slight gain.
And I take that into consideration everyday.

All of that aside, I find that the daily weigh in helps most when I start slipping on my diet for a few days.
If I can easily lose a few pounds in a week, then I can just as easily (or easier) gain a few in that same amount of time.
The number on the scale is often what I need to give myself a swift kick in the rear in getting back into my healthy eating habits.
If I don't have that visual reminder everyday, then it's really easy for me to under calculate my "cheats" on one day (or two) and convince myself that I really didn't do "that bad", so I can treat myself an extra day (or two).
Thinking like that is bad news for my waistline.
And I know myself well enough to know that I will think that way EXACTLY,
unless I have the proof in front of me.

And to me it's just easier.
I can tweak everyday accordingly.
And I feel like I get to celebrate my accomplishments more often.
It's a win, win for me!!

What is your preferred method of weighing in?
Why does it work for you?


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