Wednesday, August 8

weigh down wednesday :: a rewards system

One thing that I think is important in any big endeavor is a rewards system.

Seriously, stuff is just easier to do when you have a little something to look forward to.
And I'm not talking about a HUGE something like a vacation or a car or anything.
Just one of life's little pleasures that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself.
Or, if it makes you happy, something that you do buy often, that screams TREAT to you.

I'm actually behind in my rewards for this whole weight loss journey.
I've only bought one and I really should have four under my belt for meeting goals.
One great thing about a rewards system is that you can make your goals as big or little as you want, just be sure to reward yourself accordingly.

For my first major goal of meeting 20lbs lost I got a new phone case that I had been eyeing.
It was $30, which I normally wouldn't spend on a phone case, unless it was my birthday or Christmas, but it felt more than worth it for me. 
I'd been really wanting the case for a couple of months and it's something that I get a ton of use out of.

My other goals/rewards are a bit smaller, because I feel like the more weight you've lost the slower it comes off.
My original plan was to get myself a little something for every 5lbs lost after 20lbs, but that hasn't happened.
Hmmm....I wonder if there is a correlation between my lack of rewards and my lack of motivation as of late?

So, it's time for me to get back on the reward train.
I think my big reward for getting back to my wedding weight will be a tattoo that I've wanted for awhile.
It seems fitting that a big goal get a big reward.

As Tom and Donna say, sometimes you just have to.....


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