Thursday, August 9

mySTYLE :: statement bags

If you've known me for any amount of time, you probably know that I LOVE bags.

Most of the time I go after the big bags in fun colors and/or prints.
Probably my all time favorite style is the (excuse my being politically incorrect) "hobo" bag.
The large, slouchy, bohemian-esque bags get my heart a racin'.

Now I try to save bag purchases for Christmas or birthday presents/gift cards, but there was a time where I squandered a pretty penny on beautiful bags.

I've never really been into name brand bags, save for the Dooney & Burke phase of my young teen years (which the closest I ever got to was a flea market knock off), I think the most I ever spent on a bag was around $50.
And I actually still have the first "expensive" bag that I bought. 
It was smaller than I usually went for, but it was GORGEOUS!
The bag was from Express, and it was a light tan suede-y leather, with beautiful embroidery all over the shoulder strap.
My 16 year old self couldn't bear to not have it, so I took my hard earned money from my measly $6.00 an hour job and bought that bag up.
I was SO happy with it!
And that began my obsession with bags.

Nowadays, I mostly carry around a plain ol' black Diaper Dude diaper bag (per the hubs' request),
but you better believe I enjoy those moments when I can throw all of my stuff into a handbag.
I do tend to stick to the same two or three bags most of the time, simply because they are my favorites, but bags of all kinds still call to me.

I'm thinking that my next weight loss reward needs to be this patterned beauty from Forever 21.

This one catches my eye EVERY time I walk into Target, probably because I make sure to go out of my way to pass by it. I love the southwest/Native American vibe.

And, finally, one of the female celebrities whose style I love, Nicole Richie, shows how a great statement bag can change the look of a simple white tee and jeans.



  1. Cuuute. You know I love bags, too. :D

  2. That I do, milady. Great minds! ;)

  3. I am (clearly) woefully behind on all the blogs I follow, but this post stood out to be because I've finally jumped on the Big Bag Bandwagon. I love them, despite the fact that I rarely actually carry enough stuff around to fill them.

    That said, I always, always have a book with me, so the larger the bag, the more convenient, AMIRITE? ;)

    Also, I am lusting after that teal Coach bag. *covets*

  4. Welcome to the Big Bag Club! And, I am right there with you about carrying a book with me at all times. Plus, as a mommy I always various odds and ends in my bag. :)


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