Tuesday, September 4

work, holiday weekend and cupcakes, oh my!

Man, it feels like it has been forever since I last posted.
Honestly, I have written and erased several blog posts.
Just wasn't feeling the bloggy mojo.
I've also been trying to learn how to cope with my sudden loss of free time.

Work has picked up a WHOLE LOT.
I'm working multiple part-time jobs in the childcare industry to help maintain my "stay at home mom" status.
But when push comes to shove, I am somewhere between a part-time and full time working mom, who just happens to work split shifts and weekends.
My schedule was a bit chaotic these last couple of weeks and that coupled with the first week of school for Audrey left me with my head spinning a bit.
Things will get better and easier though, as we become more and more used to our new routines.
Just gotta learn to go with the flow.

Over the holiday weekend I worked (Saturday and Sunday) and then spent yesterday with my amazing husband on his 32nd birthday.
It was a pretty low key day, but that's how we roll.
Neither one of us need to get out and go to be happy.
Our favorite days are spent at home while reading, watching tv/movies, puttering around the house and just generally relaxing. 
Oh, and eating. Got to add the yummy food aspect in there.
So, given his personality, it came as no surprise that this is exactly the kind of day the husband wanted for his big day.
We ended up getting breakfast tacos and headed to the park to eat/play with the kiddos before it got too scorching outside.
On the way home we got some more tacos at another place we've been wanting to try out for awhile and then a coffee (for me!) and a donut (for the hubs) from Dunkin Donuts.
Yes. We ate a lot yesterday. What of it?
At home all four of us took naps (love naps!).
Then I went and picked up a BBQ lunch from Whole Foods and the hubs and I settled on the couch to watch True Romance, which I had never seen.
After that I made Bryan's specially requested birthday cupcakes.
Key Lime Pie!
It took me a bit of time to sift through recipes online in order to find that "perfect" one.
 Some of them had cream cheese frosting, which is a no-no for the hubs.
Or a lime curd filling.
Or whipped cream on top.
Finally I came upon the winner.
A slightly lime flavored cupcake with a graham cracker crust and a key lime buttercream.

Let me tell you, these cupcakes were AMAZING!!
I'm not even a huge cupcake fan.
I'll normally eat only one out of a batch, but I have had a hard time turning these babies down.

The graham cracker crust made these cupcakes.
It definitely gave them that pie feel and taste.
I will absolutely be making these again!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


  1. these cupcakes look amazing. also, happy belated to Bryan! :)

  2. Thanks, lady! On both counts. :)


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