Thursday, August 23

mySTYLE :: chunky rings

An accessory that I've been super obsessed with lately is the chunky ring.

This is a trend that I've embraced multiple times over the years.
Does anyone remember those big ol' plastic bubble rings that were popular in the 90s?
You know, the ones that you could buy at your local Claire's or (gasp!) any 25cent gumball machine.
Yep, I had LOTS of those.

My style has definitely changed a bit over the years, and now I am drawn more toward chunky rings that have a more bohemian feel.
In my head they go perfect with long flowy skirts or dresses and beach hair.
My favorites have a natural, earthy feel, with large stones such as turquoise or sea glass.

I love how chunky rings are a versatile accessory.
Dress 'em up, dress 'em down, whatever you please!

And being someone who doesn't wear a lot of jewelery at once,
I can definitely feel that an outfit is "complete" by just throwing on
a funky ring.

Whenever I walk into stores that have a jewelery section,
I make it a point to seek out the rings.
Even if I don't make a purchase, it's still fun.


These last two pictures are from my own personal collection.
The ring above is my favorite of the moment and was purchased at good ol' Target.
The ones below were bought at Old Navy about a month or so ago.

I tend to wear my chunky rings on the middle finger of my right hand.
Do you have a favorite spot to wear these magnificent accessories?



  1. i'm not really sure why i never got the notification of this post, but i suppose better late than never, right?

    i love big rings. love love love. in fact, i wish i had more! i especially love the red one from old navy! gah!

  2. Yes! Big rings are the BEST. They are no doubt, my perfect accessory. :)


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