Tuesday, October 16

mySTYLE :: stripes

I don't know if it's the foul mouthed sailor in me or what, but I dig stripes.
I love that they are bold without being too in your face.

Everything about this print is lovely.
The colors, the saying, the font.

I'm really digging this shirt with the statement bubble necklace and high-waisted skirt with bow.
Very classy.

As you can probably already surmise,
when it comes to stripes on articles of clothing I tend to be a white and black or navy kind of girl.
Again, I guess it has to do with the fact that the pattern is bold and fun,
but the colors tone it down a bit.

Big, fun, and bold are what I heart in a bag.
This bag encompasses all of the above.

These floors are SO funky!!
I love the brightness the yellow brings to the room.
Hmmm...an idea for a future craft room, perhaps?

This tunic is actually a DIY project.
The fabric is so drapy that I think it could work for after baby as well.

I am so in love with the bows on these flats!
That combined with the heather gray lends a slightly girly feel to an otherwise semi-severe pattern.

This whole look is amazing.
Messy top knot.
Bold scarf.
Striped tank.
I want it all.

Love the green and cream of this camera strap, along with the camel color leather accents.
Too bad it's WAY out of my price range.

This tee fits two of my favorite styles.
Not only is it striped, but it's a v-neck as well.

Such a comfy looking cardigan.
Navy and camel are such warm colors.
And the slightly drapy, no buttons fit.

I really want to try out this nail art.
The colors are perfect for the 4th of July.
Or you could easily change the color palette to suit any season or holiday.

Speaking of July 4th, this dress would be awesome for the holiday.
Super festive, yet casual and comfortable enough for a barbecue.
I also think this would be pretty easy to make yourself (if you're a crafty type person).

I am absolutely planning on doing the following project.
Audrey has an old Disney Princess kids' table that has definitely seen better days.
Some fun washi tape and new vinyl covering is just the answer.

The following just might fit into my perfect outfit category.
Cute and comfy.
Plus, LOVE the hair.

What is your favorite way to wear/display the beloved stripe?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. i, too, love me some stripes. i've realized, recently, that every article of clothing in b's closet that i'd label a favorite is striped. also, my pinstriped dress is my favorite. and, i'm obsessed with stripey socks. i just bought some new ones, actually. ;)

    i love that dress you labeled as good for july 4th and oh em gee, those shoes are adorable. WANT!

  2. Ang - Loved your Instagram pic! We have LOTS of stripes around here as well! I'm pretty serious about attempting to make that dress, not only would it be adorable, but it will also knock an item off of my 30x30 list!


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