Wednesday, October 10

weigh down wednesday :: low carb cheating :: i feel awful

So, yesterday was my birthday and that in combination with my cheat day on Saturday equaled a LOT more carbs entering my body then I've been used to in the last couple of weeks.
Boy golly, am I feeling it!
After my first cheat day on the low carb diet I felt bad.
My stomach hurt and I was just plain uncomfortable.
I had a feeling that it was directly related to my carb consumption, but wasn't positive.

Fast forward to the last few days.
On Saturday I was steadily feeling worse and worse as the day went on, 
much the same as the previous week.
On Sunday I was back on track and feeling better.
Monday I did good until the evening.
I went out for birthday coffee with some friends and had a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Full of sugar.
Then I went home and had a few daiquiris with the hubs.
More sugar.
And yesterday, well, I won't even go into how many grams of sugar/carbs I took in.
Today I feel AWFUL!!

My eyes feel swollen and hurt.
My face feels swollen.
My hands are most definitely swollen.
They hurt and a ring I slept in is currently stuck on my finger.
My stomach is bothering me a whole lot.
And I feel lethargic.
I feel like crap, plain and simple.

 Now I'm becoming more and more convinced that my body despises sugar and carbs.
Interesting that it has taken me 29 years to figure this out.
Better late than never, I suppose.

So, what next?
I get back on the horse.
I learn from my body and actually apply those lessons.
I need to keep my cheats smaller.
An entire day (plus some) of eating carbs to my heart's content does so much negative to my body that it's not worth it.
I don't want to constantly be taking two steps forward and then one step back.

Hopefully this is sinking in through my thick skull!

 peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. So, true story:

    I had a similar experience when I decided to move from carb counting to calorie counting. That first week, I had a work dinner to attend, and (quite frankly), I ate a lot of carbs and then dessert. And I'm not kidding when I say it made me physically ill. My stomach was in knots & I felt so bad, I could have cried. It's hard to find a happy middle ground, because not eating carbs really limits what you can eat - but you'll find a good place, I just know it.

  2. The stomach pain was definitely hard, I think what made me feel the worst was the swelling and itching. I felt so awful yesterday that it felt kind of like I had a severe hangover (although I didn't drink any alcohol the day before). Yuck! And yes! I will definitely find a balance at some point. It's just amazing to me that carbs can make me feel so awful!


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