Thursday, October 11

mySTYLE :: fitted jackets

The fitted jacket.
So much better than the style of some years back, where jackets were over-sized and boxy looking.
I absolutely love the sleek fit of this style.

My favorite incarnations of the fitted jacket are the blazer or leather bomber-style.
The mixing and matching of textures and patterns that you can do with your jacket and whatever you happen to wear under it is super simple without seeming completely uncoordinated.


I love that these pieces are often used as accessories instead of just another piece of clothing.
One of my favorite ways to see this style used is over a plain white or gray v-neck.
Also, I love to see a creamy, leather bomber jacket over a maxi dress.
It gives a little bit of an edge to an otherwise feminine style.
 Simply stunning.




The fit of these jackets provides a great layering opportunity without adding unneeded bulk.
Blazers added to a simply jeans and t-shirt ensemble make it look polished yet not overdressed.  
I'm also seriously loving the 3/4 sleeve look that you often see with a fitted blazer.



What is your favorite style of jacket?

peace, love, and all the things sparkly.


  1. I love jackets and cardigans in all forms, but my favorite jackets are definitely the fitted ones. I love when they take on the structured form of a pea coat without the length.

    Also, I want a "professor's" jacket - the ones with the patches on the elbows. ;)

  2. I want a cardigan with the elbow patches! :)


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