Monday, November 26

hello, monday!

Hello to the official start of the Christmas season!
Audrey and I put our tree up on Friday, with 'Elf' on the tv in the background.
Love these memories.
Have you decorated yet?

And yes, she is standing on the couch.
I figured putting the tree on a table in the corner would keep it away from little Lawson hands easier.

Hello to reality!
After pretty much all of last week off, yesterday started the work week for me.
While we had a lovely holiday and several wonderful days of doing NOTHING (hello, pajamas!),
my bank account is ready for reality again. ;)

Hello to getting back on track with my diet and exercise!
This one is not so much fun, but it is necessary.
I had taken a few too many days, (okay, weeks) off and my waistline was feeling it.
And I'm happy to report that just since starting back up on Friday, I'm already telling a difference!

Hello to the most delicious weather ever!
We have had the best weather here in Central Texas over the last week.
If you're familiar with Texas, you know our beautiful weather time is super limited, so we take what we can get.
And we decided to take advantage yesterday, with an impromptu outing to the park.

Hi, cutie!

She loves to show us how high she can go.

After she was done, she had to push me too.

My little meat eater. She also LOVES A1 sauce.

Our attempt at a family picture. Someone wasn't cooperating.

My little tree climber.



Hello to a messy apartment!
After so much time with all of us at home, our home is most definitely showing the abuse love.
As much as the mess bothers me, I have to stop and just be grateful for the family I share my home with, the time we've had together, and all of the "things" we have that we take for granted.
Slowly, but surely I'll get it back in shape.
Probably just in time for Christmas break.

Hello to a cranky toddler!
Mister Lawson woke up 4 (or 5) times during the night last night.
Not sure why, but it is making for a very tired and unhappy little man right now.
I'm just going to have to love on him extra hard today!

What are you saying hello to today?

Head on over to the lovely Lisa Leonard's blog for some more 'hello, monday!' goodness.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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