Tuesday, November 27

mySTYLE :: scarves

What is one fall/winter wardrobe item that everyone seems to love?
Scarves, of course!
There are so many different kinds of scarves out there, it really is quite ridiculous.
Different colors, patterns, and fabrics too.
Some people use them to keep cozy and warm during the chillier months, but alas, I am not one of them.
To me scarves are purely an accessory.
Maybe it's because where I live, the number of days where a scarf is necessary is super limited?
I don't know.
My favorite scarves are in fun patterns and colors with a very light fabric (don't want to roast).
 I absolutely love when they are used to make a super casual outfit fun and outing acceptable.
I adore the way light scarves look paired with a simple white tank, jeans, and funky jewelery.

Anthrolopologie does it again.

This scarf would a simple DIY.
Think of all the color combinations you could make!

Love, love, love the sheep!

Nicole Richie, ah, she's one of my favorite celebrity fashionistas.
Love her style!

Scarves are perfect for breaking up a super cute, one colored ensemble.

How fun is that?!

Love the solid, brightly colored scarf with the more neutral, patterned shirt.

I am digging everything about this scarf.
Loving that the whole 'southwest' vibe is in style.

Totally unintentional, there were definitely several variations of the same scarf in there, you weren't seeing things. ;)
Also, I have a TON of Polyvore outfits containing scarves pinned over on Pinterest.
Check it out!

Do you have a favorite type of scarf?
Or perhaps a favorite way to wear them?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. I have long lusted after one of the Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves (which I think Nicole is wearing above). Scarves (/pashminas) are totally one of my favorite things to accessorize with. :)

  2. Ha. I blogged about scarves, too. Best accessory ever, possibly. :)

  3. I love, love, love that Alexander McQueen scarf. So cute!


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