Tuesday, November 13

mantelpiece inspiration

I've currently got decorating (or redecorating, for that matter) on the brain.
It's looking more and more like we will be renewing our lease come January,
and after nearly 3 years of living here with very few changes in decor,
I think it's time for sprucing up.

One of the first spots that I'm noticing needs a serious update, is my mantelpiece.
While my current decor is nothing bad, it has changed very little in the past few years.
Time to shift things around and brighten up the spot a bit.
The following pictures are just a few of the many that are inspiring me for this corner of my home.

I absolutely love all of the neutrals with the pops of color (pink!) below.
Also, the use of so many mismatched knickknacks sings to me.
And the pile of cozy blankets folded next to the fireplace? Please!
The books and picture actually inside the fireplace itself is awesome as well,
although we have those 'oh so lovely' bi-fold glass doors covering ours. Bleh!

How cozy and inviting is this mantel?!
I love the giant letters, and will most likely keep our yarn wrapped 'L' in its spot on the mantelpiece.
Also, love the use of a garland!

The wood planks above the mantel of the picture below are actually a covering for a televison.
How cool is that?!
While, we don't have a tv to cover, we do have quite a large piece of wall to deal with.
Being on the third floor gives us even more wall space as the ceilings are quite high.
I really like the idea  of creating a spot, like the one below, where I can change out the decor at will,
and make multiple smaller pieces become one big piece of "art".

This picture has already been featured on Jen in Wonderland before.
I adore it just as much now as I did then.
The colors. The garland. The mason jars. The books. The basket of blocks.

So far I know that I want to remove all of our family pictures that we have on the mantle,
so that I can create a gallery wall.
Other than that, I'm looking forward to making this corner a blank slate and pooling my resources from the rest of our home (and my Pinterest boards) to create a unique spot that makes me smile.

Any ideas on what I could possibly do to draw attention away from the bi-fold doors?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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