Thursday, November 15

sweet siblings

There is just something about having two kiddos.
Sure, having one is wonderful and MUCH easier (at least in our case),
but one of the greatest joys in my life is watching my children interact.

From the very beginning I could tell that these two had a special bond.
Even before he was born, Audrey wanted the picture of Lawson's sonogram in her room, where she could look at it whenever she wanted.

24 weeks preggo with Lawson.

Audrey loves her little brother so much.
I remember a time when he was about 7 months old, 
we took a family trip to the library and as we were walking down one aisle of books
a little baby, probably around a year old, came toddling toward us with his grandma hot on his heels.
Without hesitation, Audrey positioned herself between this unstable threat and her little brother,
who was resting peacefully in his stroller.
"Don't let him hurt my little brother," were the very first words that Audrey spoke to the grandma.
"Oh, he's not going to hurt him, he just wants to talk to your brother," was the grandmother's reply.
And leave it to my little firecracker to quickly and matter of factly point out that her brother 
"doesn't even talk yet". 

First 'face to face' meeting.

Over the past (almost) year and a half, Audrey has shown time and time again that she cares so very deeply for Lawson and his well being.

5 years old & 5 weeks old.

She's always super quick to tell us when he's getting into or onto something he shouldn't
even when we can obviously hear his wails, 
rest assured that if he falls and hurts himself,
she will come a runnin' to let us know.

And in turn, he loves her just as much.

It might be a different kind of love.
Lawson idolizes Audrey, whereas he is her baby,
but it is just as fierce.

Just yesterday morning, he and I were at home after dropping Audrey off at school.
I was making last minute preparations to go to work and he was toddling around, getting into everything.
Next thing I know he's walking around carrying my favorite bookmark 
(that was previously in the book I am reading),
it's one that Audrey made me for Mother's Day this year and it features a picture of her as the "tassel" part.
Well, he's walking around carrying it, saying her name (or his own version of her name) over and over and over.
Then he starts alternating saying her name and kissing her picture.
Seriously, it was just the sweetest thing.

Now don't get me wrong.
Not everything is sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

There is PLENTY of fighting.
And hair pulling.
And scratching.
And sitting on sister.
Yep, all three of those are Lawson.

courtesy of Jessica Monnich Photography

I also hear, "LAWSON, STOP IT!"
multiple times daily.
More often then not followed by toddler shrieks and screams.

I'm honestly amazed at how much they can fight.
But I guess that is just the sibling way.
No matter the gender or the age difference,
that's what you do.

It also amazes me that within mere seconds of fighting and screaming,
they are back to loving on each other and playing together.

Watching Lawson follow Audrey around the house is enough to make this mama tear up.
The sight of them playing peacefully together really is just so, so sweet.
And when they love on each other....forget about it.

They are always, always thinking of each other.
Just the other day we were at our community tennis courts watching the kids run around and play.
Lawson tripped and fell down and without even blinking an eye Audrey hopped off of her bike
(yes, she rides her bike at the tennis court, what?!)
and ran over to him showering him with hugs and kisses and eventually helping him back up.
So sweet!
Lawson also asks (in his own 17 month old way) about Audrey multiple times a day.
In the afternoon when it's time to go pick her up from school,
I'll ask Lawson if he is ready to go "bye-bye",
and he always responds with her name, completely unprompted.
He knows where we're going and he's ready to see his Audrey.

I look forward to watching their bond continue to grow
(and possibly add another little one into the mix).
Through good times and bad,
I know that if cultivated the right way,
their relationship could turn into something spectacular.
I also, look forward to many more times of having to inconspicuously wipe away the tears of joy and love that flood my eyes when watching them together.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. AWWW! I'm so happy to be able to see these two adorable kids again in person in just a few days.

    This post is enough to make *this* mama tear up, and they aren't even mine. Thank you for sharing. <3

  2. This made me tear up. Beautiful.


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