Wednesday, December 12

decorating with books

Being a family of readers, I love that we can showcase our love of all kinds of literature on our shelves.
Seriously. I get a thrill when a reworking of shelving space is needed.
I love books to look pretty, even if all they are doing is sitting there.
Unfortunately right now our books don't always stay on the shelves, thanks to a little 2ft. 9in. guy who shall remain nameless.
But in the last few months I've come across ways to decorate with books or book pages that I, more than likely, never would have thought of myself.

I'm thinking that some of these will make it onto my "future projects" list.

First, since it is the holidays, some festive decor suitable for Christmastime. 

I have long wanted to sit down and learn how to make these little origami stars.
What a cute, simple and easy way to add some personality to your tree.

These trees are absolutely adorable, although they do look a bit time consuming.

If there weren't little hands getting into absolutely EVERYTHING in my house,
I might consider raiding our bookcases and making a book tree.

These trees look much simpler to make than the previous ones.
And I love the added glam of the glitter.

A paper chain made out of book pages is a super easy way to decorate for Christmas, a party or even to add some whimsy to your home.

How cute would these stars be as ornaments for the tree?!
Just add a little twine and there you go!

I love, love, love these accordion panels.
The different sizes and different heights give them an eye catching element.
Might have to do this in my bedroom.

How pretty (and easy!) would this be for an evening dinner party outdoors?!
I love the little heart cutout, it just gives it that extra little something.

I have a variation of this paper airplane garland hanging over Lawson's crib.
His is made with pages from a Dr. Seuss book.
So cute!

For some reason this circle garland makes me extremely happy.
This is seriously cute enough to be used in your everyday home decor.

Not only are books and their pages great for decorating your home (at Christmastime or not),
but they also make super cute party decorations.
I've been throwing around the idea of doing a bookworm party for Audrey's birthday and below you can see just a few adorable ideas that could tie the theme together.
Cupcake wrappers, pennant banner, pinwheel cupcake toppers and book page confetti.
So cute and so unique.

What is your favorite "unassuming" thing to decorate with?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. I like interesting little glass jars. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I plan to dust a few in things like spashes of paint and/or glitter, and just let them sit there, on the mantle or tabletop of bookshelf. It's unassuming, but I also want to buy some tea lights and let them be a little pop of light on various spots around the house. Maybe we can make a crafty store trip!

    I LOVE a couple of these wordy art things here... particularly the treatment with the heart cut out. <3

  2. Gosh these are cute! I love everything, and I think the idea of a bookworm party would be awesome.

  3. Ang - Color and glitter are awesome in book!

    Mandy - I like that the idea of bookworm party is "different" and it is so an Audrey type of party. :)


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