Thursday, December 13


Do you remember back when you were a kid and Christmas was right around the corner?
Did you have any Christmas "wish list" traditions?
Maybe you went and gave your list to Santa or mailed one off to the North Pole?
We never wrote letters to Santa growing up, but I do remember getting uber excited every year when the JCPenney Wish List Catalog came in the mail.
I would spend hours scanning the pages, reading descriptions, and circling all of the many toys I just HAD to have that year.

As an adult, I find making a wishLIST MUCH harder.
Whenever I'm asked what I want, I get super indecisive.
Really, creating a wish list, whether it be for my birthday or Christmas, is kind of anxiety driven.
I know that probably sounds odd, but it's the truth.
Maybe it's because I realize what kind of money will potentially be spent, and I don't want to make the "wrong" decision.
I would hate for someone to spend money on me, and end up actually disliking the gift.
Or is it because I really want the "perfect" gift, but even I don't know what it is?
Seriously, I edit and then re-edit my lists so many times, it isn't the least bit funny.
Anxiety, I tell you.

So, since I'm not expecting this list of things to end up under my Christmas tree,
I thought maybe I can give you an idea of what has caught my eye as of late, sans anxiety.

I've already professed my love for this bad boy in a previous post,
but in case you didn't catch it, I heart this rug SO very much!

This tote from Anthropologie is just so pretty.
I adore the color scheme.

Also, in a very similar color scheme, this Missoni for Target blanket is simply gorgeous.

I really do love practically anything made with sea glass, jewelery being my favorite.
This ring is just spectacular and would be a constant on my hand, if I were ever lucky enough to have it.


I'm really digging the BRIGHT colors on this iPhone case.
Considering I often have my phone right next to me,
this would be a constant dose of happiness. :)


Even though this shirt is pretty understated with its muted tones and unassuming shape,
something about it just sucked me in.
Paired with some bright (turquoise!), chunky jewelry, you have a drool worthy look.


Honesty time.
When the moccasin boot trend started to reappear, I rolled my eyes.
This trend was NOT for me.
I have since come around to the dark side.
I LOVE these fun, free spirited shoes.
Plus, they look super comfy.


I want this mug like, "Whoa!".
Personalized with the quote, "Give me all the bacon and eggs you have!" on the back.
I heart Ron Swanson!


I have long had my eye on this print.
Love the quote.
You can bet your bottom dollar that this will be hanging in my home one day.


Just because, every home needs a conversation piece, don't you think?


What is on your wishLIST this holiday season?

Want to check out another lovely lady's wishLIST?
Head on over to Chocolate and Cream Cake and see what Mandy is lusting after this holiday season.
Thanks for the inspiration, Mands!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. Most of the stuff on my wishlist would be electronics. A tv, 9-10" tablet,new motherboard and cpu for my pc, stereo or sound dock, ebooks, pc games, ps3, blu-rays,I could go on and on. Also a few pairs of shoes for work and some casual shoes. Since most of that's too expensive I'll just settle for some ebooks and pc games.

  2. It's all so very Jen! And that ring is stunning.

    Also, Thank you for the shoutout! <3

  3. I agree with B - there's a ton of random "stuff" that I want, but really, my default answer is books, Starbucks and bookstore gift cards, and clothing gift cards. Rather boring, really, but it's safe.

    And now I want to make a wish list post! ;)

  4. Bryan - You know that you will eventually get everything on that list! ;)

    Mandy - Ha! I guess I'm coming into my own if There's an obviousness to what I like. ;)

    Ang - Safe is good and everything that you want is stuff I wouldn't turn my nose up at! ;)


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