Friday, December 7

five fancies on a friday

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY to you!!
Being that I have the whole day off tomorrow, 
I'll be celebrating with a little drinky drink after I get off of work tonight. ;)

Onto what I'm fancying this week...

I LOVE the colors and patterns on this quilt.
Too bad it's no longer in stock. 
I even looked for it on Amazon.
No dice. :(

Slowly, but surely figuring this one out.

Sometimes I just want a kitty so bad.
Too bad that the Little Mister would probably love it a bit too much.

This is definitely on my list of future crafty projects (more on that later).
Super simple and super personalized.
So many possibilities.

Yes, I already have an iPhone case that I adore, 
but it is so hard not covet SO many more when browsing Society6.
I can more than fill a post with the pretties that this site offers.
Hmmm....future idea?!

Is there anything in particular you're fancying this week?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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