Friday, December 14

five fancies on a friday

Hello and T.G.I.F.!

Anyone have any big plans this weekend?
I'll be working, having nights out with friends, and hugging my little family tight.

Onto today's fancies, which have no rhyme, reason, or cohesion behind them.
And for that I apologize. :)

I adore this vehicle.
The color, the shape, the vintage appeal.


There's something about this picture.
Every time that I see it, I get little flutters in my belly.
Maybe it's because it reminds me of those first days of being with someone,
where every tiny touch or brief glance induces those same flutters.


I LOVE this photograph.
The colors are simply amazing.


This mobile is just lovely.
I think it would look perfect hanging near a window.
Might have to break out the crafty skills and make one.


How spectacular is this cake?!
It almost looks to pretty to eat. Almost.
Love the drama of the contrast between the raspberry frosting, the chocolate glaze and the gold flecks.


Anything specific catch your eye this week?

peace, love, and all things, sparkly.


speak easy. speak loud.


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