Tuesday, January 22

mySTYLE :: layers

Folks, I live in Central Texas, and let me tell you layering is a MUST during the "winter" months.
And when I talk about layering, I'm talking light layers.
You might get a few weeks here and there where a heavier coat or bulky sweater is needed,
but honestly the temps dipping below freezing is cause for weather alerts on the news.
For this time of year the average low is in the 40s and the average high is in the 60s.
So, in the morning you might need some protection from the nippy weather, but in the afternoon you will be sweltering if you get in your car, that has been sitting outside, in a heavy winter ensemble.

Thus, the layers. 
Clothing that will keep you toasty in the morning, but that you can peel off bit by bit as the day progresses and the temps get higher.
I have to admit, I live in cardigans during this time of year.
And if the day gets off to a more bitter(cold) start, I might just throw a hoodie on for good measure.

Here are a few of my favorite layered looks, courtesy of Pinterest (of course!).

What are some of your favorite ways to layer?
Scarf? Cardi? Hoodie? 
All of the above?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. Great looks! I love all of these, and you know I'm a fan of a good cardi. ;)

  2. Haha! That I do. ;)

    And, thanks!

  3. Layering was something I became a huge fan of while we lived in Nashville, not necessarily because the weather is so schizophrenic, but because usually, it was either too cold (when it was hot outside) or too hot (when it was cold outside) in the place I worked, so I had to be able to add or remove layers at will. haha. That said, it's a look I LOVE. I love a fitted jacket. **happy sighs**


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