Friday, March 29

five fancies on a friday

The name of the game today seems to be bright colors.
Kind of ironic considering my last post was all about the loveliness that is black & white.
While I definitely love b&w, color is where it is at for me.
Lots and LOTS of color!!

Here is a nice combination of b&w with some pops of cheery yellow and cool turquoise.
Of course, the sentiment is totally true as well. ;)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Easter is just two days away.
I've seen many pictures floating around out there of beautiful Easter eggs,
but this one stood out to me.
The bright colors and gold leaf are just GORGEOUS.

Um, I need to own this chair.
Like now.
I've been digging the whole hanging chair trend and to see it in a rainbow of colors just ups my longing for one.

Love, love, LOVE this geometric hanging curtain.
This project is already on my list for my 30th birthday party in October.
Love the shape, the colors, the glitter.

These plates are almost too pretty to eat off of.
They would be absolutely awesome as serving platters as well.

Any big plans for this Easter weekend?
Whatever you do, I hope your weekend is full of food, family and fun!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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  1. I've actually got a hanging chair sitting in my mom's garage; it's one of those tan (so not as pretty as the one above) oval-shaped ones. I can't wait to have a place to put it.

    Hope you had a great Easter!


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