Saturday, March 23

mySTYLE :: black & white

As much of a fan of color as I am,
sometimes I crave the simplicity of black & white.
These two colors never go out of style and are the perfect backdrops for whatever other color combos you are loving at the moment.
I find black & white in bold patterns the most intriguing.

This anchor print would be fabulous hanging in a bathroom or kitchen.

These mini cups are super adorable and could be displayed, as well as used.

I love the tree print on this throw pillow.
I've seen it used on a blanket and crib sheets as well.
I need it in my life, somewhere.

I'm really digging the idea of layered and mismatched throw pillows for both the bed and couch.
This would be perfect with other pillows that have pops of bright color. Perhaps neon?

There is something so cozy and comforting about a stack of folded quilts.
Love the monochromatic tones here.

What a cute idea for gift wrapping.
Kraft paper and washi tape.


Can I have this scarf?
Pretty please?


I'm normally a big bag type of gal, but I love the look of a foldover clutch for a night out on the town.
This black & white striped one would be great with an array of outfits.


How fun is this couch?!
One day I will own a piece of patterned furniture.


Haha! This cheese cutting board is pretty spectacular.
I would totally display it on a kitchen shelf.


LOVE these Marimekko dishes!
They are just so happy looking, even in black &white.


Even though I'm pretty partial to punches of color in a kids' space, 
I am still absolutely smitten by this playroom.
Look closely, there's that pine tree pillow again. ;)


Oh my! These pajamas are so adorable!
I could absolutely see Lawson in these.
He might even get into character with some of his new favorite bear/monster sounds.


Again, it would be so hard for me to limit adding in color to a room,
but that doesn't mean that these b&w rooms don't catch my eye.


This kitchen would be absolutely impossible to maintain with kiddos running around,
but I love how clean it looks!


Audrey and Lawson definitely need this print for their bedroom.
Or maybe we'll just hang it in the living room, ;)


I am so lusting after an Aztec print cardigan.
I have several different ones pinned on Pinterest.
Too bad the cool weather is quickly leaving Central Texas. 

What do you think of the black & white trend?

peace, love, and all things sparkly. 


  1. I love the bear PJs and the cut the cheese cutting board! So cute!!!

  2. The anchor print would be perfect for our bedroom, and I ADORE that "Don't grow up, it's a trap" sentiment.

    Black and white is so beautiful, but think I have too much of a love for color to ever stick with just the ends of the spectrum. :)

  3. Mandy :: I feel the exact same way. I love to look at all of the b&w pictures, but when it comes to my personal space, I need color! I do love the idea of mixing b&w with lots of pops of bright color though. :)


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