Friday, June 21

happy summer to you!

Wow! Has it seriously been almost two months since I last blogged?
In some ways it feels like this has been a LOOONG break, but in others, it seems to have just flown by.
Thus is the way of life, I suppose.
Honestly, I never intended to take this little break, but looking back, it was probably needed.
My posts had become more sporadic, I was having a hard time figuring out what to write/which direction to go with my posts, and, to be frank, my heart wasn't quite in it.

But here I am, on the first real day of my summer "break" (which just so happens to be the the literal first day of summer), feeling energized and ready to start letting my creativity flow again.

The last (almost) two months has been a whirlwind of school ending, work winding down (and then getting really busy, and then winding down again) for the summer and Lawson turning TWO!!

I am now looking forward to having the next few months to spend lots of time at home with my kiddos, just soaking in the simplicity of the way we live our lives.
Often during the busy seasons of life, I forget to just "be" sometimes.
We are very low key people that really don't thrive on a lot of stress and hustle and bustle.
So, I think, in terms of the way we like life to be, summer is "our season", so to speak.

Also, as an FYI, this post is taking me awhile to actually compose because I keep stopping to watch my kiddos. They are finally at the point in time/ages that they really enjoy playing with each other for longer than a minute. Currently, they are running around the living room, laughing and playing with a spray bottle. And I'm just sitting back and soaking in this moment in time, partially because it's such a sweet one and partly because I know that at any moment the pendulum could swing and they could be fighting and screaming at each other.

As far as summer plans go, we have nothing major planned.
I'm hoping to fit in a Sea World trip and, as always, I dream of a trip to the beach.
Other than that, I foresee pool days and field trips to splash pads, days of reading, and playing, LOTS of playing.
I'll also be working on a summer version of homeschooling with Audrey, to help keep her mind fresh and help us decide what direction the next school year will take.

Do you have any plans, big or little?

peace, love and all things sparkly.

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