Friday, August 30

five fancies on a friday.

So, I am NOT an artist.
I never have and never will claim to be.
I can do crafty things just fine, but if I try to freehand a piece of art, forget about it.

I would love to be able to create something with paint (or charcoal or oil pastels) that is worthy of display, but alas, this is not my forte. 

My fancies today are all works of art that look like the common person should have been able to create.
But if you've ever tried, you know that is far from the truth.

Seriously, I would LOVE to be able to paint like this!
But since I can't, I'll just settle with one day owning a piece like these.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. I'm sure you could paint like the 4th one. ;-)

  2. Those are lovely.

    I, too, am not an artist. I can craft with the best of them, and I would have made an EXCELLENT forger in another life, but freehand/from the imagination stuff escapes me. At least we have other people's stuff to look at! :)

  3. Exactly! Give me a good craft project and I'm golden...


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