Tuesday, January 28

simplify :: 2014

Note :: I know that this post is coming almost a whole month into the new year, 
but my philosophy is, better late than never. ;)

Going into 2014 I decided to take cues from myself and what I did last year.
Instead of making a list of resolutions, I decided to come up with a word of the year.
Last year's word was BRAVE
I feel like I was able to put this into practice in 2013 in several ways.
The two biggest were my being moved into a new position at work and going through a time of personal loss/hardship during the summer.
There were also other, simpler ways that I was able to be brave, most having to do with relationships with others.

Even though I do have a few goals for the year floating around in my brain, 
I really like the idea of having a word to help define my year.
In choosing my word for the year, I kept coming back to my love of the 'simple things in life', 
and my desire to make my life, all around, simpler.
So this year's word is SIMPLIFY.

Leading up to this year I had already, rather unknowingly, taken a few steps to help make this happen.
One of the main changes we made was deciding to homeschool.
While this does create its own little bubble of chaos, I also feel like it simplified our lives a whole lot.
Last school year, between Audrey's school schedule, my crazy work schedule, having a toddler, and keeping up with our home (among other things), I felt like the kids and myself were constantly being rushed from one thing to the next. 
Now I know that some people thrive on this kind of busyness, and even feel like it adds a level of importance to their life, but not this gal.
Most of my time spent with Audrey was rushing her out the door, or me rushing around to leave.
Now I feel like our time outside of my job(s) can be more relaxed. 
I have more time to get things done and the quality time we spend together has grown significantly.

In thinking of different ways that I could simplify, 
I realized that simplifying can cover SO many different areas of your life.
It can pertain to your health, both physical and mental; 
your relationships, whether it be familial, friendship, or work related.
In my own humble opinion, simplifying is probably the best (and healthiest) thing you can do for yourself.

 So, that's my goal for the year.
A website that I found through several different sources that continues to give me inspiration along this avenue is Becoming Minimalist.
Seriously, if this is something that you've given even an iota of thought to, check it out. :)
Do you have any specific resolutions/goals/words/mottos for the year?
I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Great choice, Jen! I've still got to post my One Little Word post, too. :)

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to read yours. <3


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